About The Andi Roberts Band

The Andi Roberts Band was formed in 2019 by master guitarist Sheldon Arvay (aka "Arvay") and entertainer extraordinaire singer/lyricist Andrea (aka "Andi") Roberts. Its members, who include rockstar drummer Ryan Dyck (aka "Doc"), killer lead and rhythm guitar player Tristan Leacock (aka "The Kid") and charismatic bassist Joey Steckly (no nick name yet, but we're working on it), love to rock the roof off of any joint. Guaranteed good times with this band, you will be talking about how much fun you had rockin' out for months after that Christmas party or wedding you hired them for! Then, you and your friends, family and co-workers will be contacting them for more, more, MORE!! Make sure you contact Cam (aka "band dad") to book ARB for your next event!

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